Fractional CMO | Outsourced Marketing Director | Marketing Strategist

Marketing is fun. Marketing strategy is even more fun.

Like anything, when you’re having fun doing it, you can get pretty good. I’m pretty good.

  • I delve into customer personas to understand their problems or hot buttons. And then build communications to help them.

  • I take all the goodness that the product team has created and find ways to describe it so that customers understand what the benefits are to them.

  • I assess the marketplace and situation from the biggest 10,000-foot view and then break it down into manageable actionable steps.

  • I love working one-on-one with the sales team to understand the processes, challenges and opportunities. I get energized from the best of them.

Then we create a communications plan that weaves together all this great knowledge and test it in the marketplace through inbound communications, using the same marketing channels that our target customers use.

And create sell sheets and data sheets and email messages that speak directly to the target in the language our target understands.

And plan, design and produce trade shows and events – the best opportunity to speak with customers because they come to tradeshows to learn what’s new. We create talk tracks specifically geared for the trade show floor and train the booth staffers that the approach on the show floor is just a little different than when they’re on the phone or meeting at a prospect’s office.

  • I manage or participate in cross-functional teams within the organization to ferret out the best solutions to some of our most vexing problems. And develop, train and mentor my own team.

  • I absorb all the data and results to analyze what’s working and what isn’t working, then we refine the messaging and continue on.

  • I’m the vendor liaison, working with the ad agencies, printers, video production houses, trade show personnel and more, to ensure they totally and completely understand our position and direction.

  • I’m a lifelong learner with a natural curiosity and stay on top of the latest marketing innovations and techniques in the industry that increasing awareness, increase sales and grow a business. My professional success has come as a result of applying my reflective learning skills. I love new challenges and learn quickly.

I’ve been an independent marketing consultant for the last 6 years, working with small businesses to amp up their businesses. I've worked at Cars.com (focused on dealer communication and events), Digital Dealer (including the twice-yearly Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition), Misix Inc (a data-driven marketing agency) and Grady Campbell (a design and marketing agency) and others.

I know how to deliver the right message that is timely, targeted and relevant; I combine the 10,000-foot strategic view with spot-on tactical solutions in a fast-paced environment, think creatively and get a lot done with a small budget.

Let’s talk. I look forward to doing great things for your company.

To learn more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile.