Marketing Consultant & Author

I’m a marketing consultant and I like working with small businesses. Really small businesses. You know, with no more than 50 employees. Usually with 25 or 30 or so. Even 5 or fewer.

Does that sound like your business?


You probably do a great job developing your product and running your business. But for one reason or another, marketing has fallen to the bottom of the task list.

That’s where I come in.


I’ve developed a marketing audit program designed for business owners like you.


We’ll start with a discussion about your business and competition, your strengths and weaknesses (everyone has them), your business goals, and what you like or don’t like about your current marketing programs.


Then you’d get samples to me of all your marketing activities: emails and newsletters, blogs and whitepapers, sales brochures and social media posts, along with any data on results that you might have.


I’ll review everything, looking for consistency in content and visuals, targeted messages, and best practices, and make recommendations on what you’re doing well and what you could be doing better.


It will take about 10 days to do and cost $1800. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t make that money back in the cost savings that I find.



If you're ready to get the conversation started, 

I’m at 312 848-5518 or


If you need more information about me, check out the other pages.

In my book, Business Marketing Strategy, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Success for Your Small Business, I cover the basics of marketing strategy in simple, direct, easy-to-understand language and direction. 

I’m always interested in working with small business owners who want to recharge their marketing program with a marketing audit including a review of messaging, competition, marketplace, and marketing efforts including email and social media.

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