• As the outsourced Marketing Director at Visus Group, a business consultancy that focuses on staffing firms, established the strategy plan, set the messaging focus, built a new website, implemented a marketing automation program for the outbound email program and help ramp up the social media program

  • Provided strategy and planning support at Grady Campbell, a high-quality design, strategy and marketing agency, including new business planning and proposals

  • Revamped the strategy and positioning for Misix, Inc., a data-driven marketing agency that leveraged data to inform marketing recommendations and decisions; focus areas included the brand positioning statement, message map, website design, services positioning, social media presence, sales presentation

  • Researched and developed the planning strategies for Misix, Misix clients [Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA), a leading salvage auto auction organization; IAnet, a network of independent auto and property appraisers; College of American Pathologists (CAP)] and Misix new business work

  • Strategy and planning formed the recommendations and execution for sales and events, Digital Dealer, Kain Automotive, Oldsmobile, Similac Welcome Addition Club

Collaborative teams

  • While at Misix, I strengthened the creative team, combining content, design, strategy and digital teams into a collaborative group

  • Successfully executed projects and events at Digital Dealer working with a team of independent contractors

Process management

  • Developed and implemented processes and procedures at Misix to improve project management within my group and across the agency

  • Recommended and executed process and procedure updates at to improve communications and outcomes with the marketing and sales teams

  • Evaluated, enhanced and refined the process and practice for delivering information to the sales team

Sales Communications / Sales Meetings

  • Rebuilt the sales communications process from the ground up to improve overall communications efficiency through effective use of focused content in email messages, on the extranet and, webinars, videos and well-managed meetings to keep the sales team up-to-speed on product, pricing and promotional shifts

  • Produced sales meetings twice a year for that continued to raise the bar in effectiveness, excitement and buzz; involved in all aspects of the meeting from the agenda and content development through to facilities set-up and meeting execution

Execution expertise

  • Responsible for collateral development and trade show execution for IAnet, a network of independent auto and property appraisers

  • Planned and executed the first demand generation program for the College of American Pathologists (CAP); developed the practice management assessment tools called Value-Based Business Center

  • Designed and executed marketing communications programs for Kain Automotive including the monthly workshop program, e-newsletters, email marketing programs and database cleanup

  • Increased mailings for the Similac Welcome Addition Club from 24 contacts over the course of a mom’s pregnancy and baby’s first year to more than 60 mailings, continuing well past the baby’s second birthday; expanded the online component of the club to include email messages with frequency similar to the mail program, social networking opportunities and online coupons

  • Through relationship marketing-focused direct mail, communication programs on the new legislative rulings, targeted business product programs, and seasonal initiatives we built confidence in ComEd and ComEd services for business customers facing pending deregulation.

  • Managed the launch the Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight that drew a higher response (+10%) than any previous Oldsmobile initiative and boosted Cutlass’ market share through targeted direct mail and special promotional events

Conferences, trade shows and webinar series

  • Expanded the presence at trade shows and events from 7/year to almost 40/year, including sales staffing and training, along with the design and production of new trade show booths (100 sq. ft.; 400 sq. ft. and 3,000 sq. ft.)

  • Strengthened the outbound communications effectiveness for the Digital Dealer conferences, almost doubling the year-over-year Conference registrations

  • Developed the Digital Dealer webinar program with content from some of the best conference presentations and executed a full communications program, resulting in better than anticipated webinar registrations

  • Generated 50% more registrations for Kain Automotive’s annual Clients & Friends Conference than previous years along with high satisfaction levels with the sponsors, despite the fact I was brought in only 6 weeks before the event